Dissecting Deus Ex Roundup

First and foremost: Did you know I’ve been working on a video series dedicated to Deus Ex?


Well then stop reading here and check it out right now

And for the rest of you: Part 8 Hong Kong is out now!

There will only be about three more videos left in the series: One just for the Paris Catacombs, one for the end stage (will probably be cutting out all the alien killing and cut to the major moral decision making) and then one more yet to be recorded that will act as a retrospective on the entire process which I especially hope you watch and enjoy.

These videos haven’t been perfect. We were hit with recording issues, lost a lot of footage and as I’ve been editing have discovered that even more glitches have surfaced. What I will say is that it has been an overall very rewarding experience and I’ve learned so much about video editing and producing. One more useful skill in our digital media age.

Soon there will be an aug for that.

I dream of having the time to continue the series and record a play-through of Human Revolution (don’t tell Steve I said that, I’ve put him through too much already!)



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