Fashion Frame: Not Just End Game

I wrote a blog post on the Warframe website on Fashion Frame and my community. This is but a stepping stone for exploring the gaming fashion world as a whole.

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The Relationship Between Kpop and eSports

A brief history and look into the future of kpop’s complex relationship with eSports in Korea and around the world. I discuss the hallyu wave, kpop performances at esports events, games with kpop elements and kpop songs about gaming.

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Dissecting Canadian Horror Games

What makes Canada an ideal setting for horror stories? Tax benefits aside, Canadian narratives have a long history of depicting ghosts, body horror and the human struggle against nature. Ghosts and the spectral are a particularly important part of Canadian literature in that they bring buried and repressed (and sometimes unknown) wounds to the forefront. What is interesting about all this is that despite the very few games fully set in Canada, they all similarly aligned with narratives of Canadian literature canon.

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